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What is a Results Accountant? Or member 
of the 'Results Accountants' Network?

Someone very different from your standard accountant - someone who can actively help you grow your business. For instance, where most accountants would tell you something like, 'you need to increase sales by $54,000', clearly something you most likely knew, a member of the Results Accountants' Network would tell you HOW.

What does working with a Results Accountant mean to you?

A Results Accountant is a qualified accountant in public practice who has invested a lot of resources - time, effort and finances to gain further education and training specifically, to be able to offer you more than a standard accounting practice.

More services, more value, more support, more advice on a wider range of topics (like how to grow your business) and ultimately more genuine results for YOUR hard work.

All of which helps them help you increase your profits, improve your lifestyle and ultimately increase the value of your greatest asset - your business.

And that's because the training they've undergone had covered topics not taught in standard accounting degrees or discussed in most practices. Topics like marketing strategies, how to improve your advertising, systems, your 'Key Performance Indicators', team management concepts, the 18 key leverage points of any business, and the critical '4 ways to grow your business'.

Proactively getting results is what these accountants are all about. Could your business benefit from that type of professional advice? If you're like most, the answer is YES.





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